WordPress.com blog to WordPress.org site

This is a simple version that I wrote.  It looks long, it’s not.  There are more involved methods to migrate your blog.  You should read a little first, especially if your blog is complex, I never did.  I don’t advise one way or another – this is using the WP tools built-in to each side, blog and site.

Simple Migration Basics

Hi. You are correct. It’s a lot cheaper to host your own site using a WordPress.org site than paying for WP.com Premium. And far more powerful! So much you can do! I’ve used both for years. I started with WP.com too. Now I use and work from my websites, I have the posts cross post to my old WordPress.com blogs.

This looks long, it’s super simple!

It’s easy to migrate to a WordPress.org self hosted site.
First you need to get 3 things in place: the hosting, URL, and WP.org site installation.

Hosting and URL: You need to get a web host and buy a URL, a web address. Both can be cheap and from the same place. $12 a year for the URL. I pay $2 month for web hosting at HostHoot.com.  Unlimited space, tons of great tech support, no ads or tricks.

(hosthoot.com has great tech support, they help me with things I should do myself. They are great. They would rather help you than let you screw up on your own. If you sign with them, tell tech support you want a WordPress site, etc. They will assist you.)

WP.org installation: Usually the web hosting service has a free installer for a WordPress.org site. (You push a button, answer a couple of questions and WP is installed and set up for you automatically.)

That’s the start. To get ready for your WordPress.com migration to your own self-hosted site.

Migration: Depending on your blog complexity you can make choices how to migrate the files. You can read articles or use the built-in super simple migration method. Simply look for Export feature in WP.com blog admin, hit Export to get your stuff from WP.com blog. Download the files to your computer. Go into your new WP.org site and use the Import feature to upload the files into your new site, things will go into place.

I’m glad to help if I can. Just ask!