Toni H

Bio: I have a variety of interests that I do not keep up with. I use my websites/blogs for some of those. My favorite is that I teach English as a Second Language to adults, as a volunteer. Fantastic! Highly recommended. I have no training or experience in teaching. It is a challenge for all of us as a class. We struggle together. It's big fun. The students are dedicated and enthusiastic. So easy to change a life. I spend a LOT of time with WordPress, I have several websites on 2 MultiSite installs using WP.org. I experiment a lot with them. And then accidentally decimate them on occasion. Less so now. The consequences are too great now. Update: still destroying sites. History, Photography, Art History, Languages, Foriegn Literature, Culture, News, International Affairs, Star Trek TOS, Godzilla, Real Sci and Sci-fi, Sew, Knit, Read, Draw, Photos, Fine Arts, Opera, Charleton Heston, Christain Bale films, Arnold Schwarzenegger. Hours on devices and computers. I have and adore mini dachshunds. The peak of my pet world was when I had 4 minis and a cat that mocked them.

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