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5 stars – Stellar plugin!!  I do not want comments on my posts and pages.  Just a page.  This plugin uses WP comments system.  Integrates seamlessly.  You can use it for comments on pages and posts too.  It is simple to use, no designs to conflict with themes, or functions to conflict other plugins.

I use Super Socializer plugin for comment and site log-in.  I don’t want to deal with spam, I don’t do anything special so there’s no reason for users to register.  I use social media accounts.  So simple.

I had been using other plugins to create Guestbooks, configuring WP comments, using Super Socializer, and tolerating theme conflicting designs.


The purpose of this plugin is to add a guestbook site which uses the wordpress integrated comments. Using the wordpress integrated comments system has some important advantages:

  • Consistent styling of guestbook form and comment list for every theme you are using.
  • All wordpress comment features are available for the guestbook comments also (e.g. E-Mail Notification, listing in “All Comments” on admin page,…)
  • All plugins which are modifying the comment list or comment form will also work with Comment Guestbook automatically (e.g. a captcha plugin for antispam).

Other features and options:

  • Setup comment form position (in page, above comment list, below comment list). You can also use more than one.
  • Adjust the comment form (change texts, hide elements)
  • Ajdust the comment order (newest first, oldest first)
  • Option to show numbered pagination links for the comment list
  • Ajdust the comment html-code for the guestbook page
  • Option to include all comments of your site in the comment list on the guestbook page
  • Sidebar widget to show recent comments with a lot of options
  • Show a message after a new comment was made. This option you can also enable for all post/pages in your blog


Simply insert the shortcode [comment-guestbook] into a page to enable this plugin.

On the admin page (goto Comments -> About Guestbook) you can find a detailed description. In the admin area you can find a settings page with a lot of options to modify the behavior and output.

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