CSS and theme gone

toni-english.com My latest issue has been that the CSS, and therefore theme, did not render.  I got just a list of links and content.  Nightmare.  My site appeared fine on my desktop.  But when I went to the site on other desktops, I also  think depending on browser, it was the mess.  And always a problem on mobile.

I deactivated all plugins.  Sigh, I hate that so much.  And saving a lot more detail, I figured out the plugins causing problems.  It has not been 100% solved, but this is my conclusion thus far and why:

The problem was with a great plugin called RS Head Cleaner Lite.  Problem created by JetPack.
I have used this plugin RS Head Cleaner Lite, and still do, on several sites – without issue.  Even in a subsite of the same MultiSite install of the site with the problem – toni-english.com/quiz.  It speeds up the loading of my sites big time.  I use a lot of plugins.  It is the only plugin of this type that I trust.  Even now it has done no damage.  And I have had damage my friends from others.

The one thing that I did differently on this site, that I have never done before, was that I had activated JetPack mobile view.  Where JP renders your site for mobile devices.  Now, though JP mobile view is deactivated I still cannot use RS HCLite.  JetPack has changed something.  I call that Damage.

Note: The developer of RS Head Cleaner Lite is working on this.  He was immediately responsive on the support forum and has kept in close contact with me via email.

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